Deus Logos Ex-Press

This blog is an amalgamation of the ongoing escapades of the Last Word Books Friends & Family Printing Project. We've got an old Chandler & Price Platen Press from 1934(?) named Ampersand stuffed into the back of Last Word and three old Kelsey's at Hungry Hollow Farm. Soon we will be letterpressing local poetry broadsides, beer coasters, chapbooks, flyers, LP covers, cd covers, 'zines and whatever else we can come up with.


the press at the store is completely buried again, our contact in Yakima with a bunch of free equipment is incommunicado, the presses at the farmhouse are slowly, slowly coming together as the living room evolves and Eamon and I summon up the juevos. trying to brainstorm how we can utilize jad'es considerable energies all the way from Austin, Texas... shit. crack a cold one and hunker down for the winter, this blog's not really doing much for a spell or three.


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