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This blog is an amalgamation of the ongoing escapades of the Last Word Books Friends & Family Printing Project. We've got an old Chandler & Price Platen Press from 1934(?) named Ampersand stuffed into the back of Last Word and three old Kelsey's at Hungry Hollow Farm. Soon we will be letterpressing local poetry broadsides, beer coasters, chapbooks, flyers, LP covers, cd covers, 'zines and whatever else we can come up with.


Our humble first project

decided to screw around a bit late last night, managed to make a mess of things right good, use a bunch of organic olive oil, got black ink all over everything and trouble-shot just about everything that could have gone wrong. made a small print run of 50 little bookmark/business cards for & Printing in the dead of night. ink wasn't dry on some of the darker ones this morning but I figured it would take longer than that out in the barn. I was impressed (ha!) that any of them were dry this morning. What fun! It's a good thing I enjoy each part of this laborious process 'cause it looks like this is what I'm gonna be doing for some time now...

we're gonna need more type, metal spacing and furniture, that's for damn sure. it's a shame the old wooden poster size fonts sell for so much money on ebay. all these rich idiots decorating their bungalos or making fancy jewelry out of this shit instead of giving it a practical use drive the price up for us poor printers who just want to use the stuff. breaks my heart. last summer we had this bloke wander into the store, buy a nice old underwood typewriter and proceed to tear it to pieces right there in the store in the name of fine jewelry. give me a break or a gun.


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