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This blog is an amalgamation of the ongoing escapades of the Last Word Books Friends & Family Printing Project. We've got an old Chandler & Price Platen Press from 1934(?) named Ampersand stuffed into the back of Last Word and three old Kelsey's at Hungry Hollow Farm. Soon we will be letterpressing local poetry broadsides, beer coasters, chapbooks, flyers, LP covers, cd covers, 'zines and whatever else we can come up with.


Countryscape - Sustainable Design Firm

These guys have their shit together and could hook us up with awesome inks, papers, contacts, the works.

"Countryscape was formed by a collection of like-minded people, drawn together from diverse professional backgrounds, yet sharing a common concern for our natural and cultural landscape. We operate as an independent consultancy, possessing a wealth of expertise in the fields of design and communication, geographical information and landscape ecology."

Hell yeah!

On another note, this UK recycled paper company is sweet, too bad they can't deliver to's their letterpress page. And, along those same lines:

Dolphin Blue - Environmentally Responsible Office Supplies

Skycraft Design - Marbled and handmade fine papers


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